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Regular and timely daily attendance is so important! Did you know that irregular attendance and tardiness during school years are the primary factors associated with student academic failure and lead to low graduation rates from high school? Students who miss an average of 10 days within a year fall behind and are unlikely to catch up. We want to partner with you to make sure your child is at school every day. If for any reason your child is absent from school, please call the office or contact the teacher. If we do not hear from you, the office or your child's teacher will text or phone you.


Occasionally during the winter, school may be closed due to snow and icy conditions. In case of inclement weather, our school may be closed. Mountain View Christian School follows Missoula County School District policies determining closures or late starts. Parents will be notified if our school is to be closed, or in case of emergency.


School personnel and the student's teacher should be notified in advance if a student is being withdrawn so that transfer documents can be prepared.


PreK and Kindergarten students follow the MVCS dress code policy. Students should wear navy or khaki pants, leggings, shorts, or skirts. Skirts must have shorts/leggings underneath. School polo shirts with the MVCS logo (yellow, red, navy blue, grey) will be provided as part of student enrollment and are part of the dress code. Students will also be supplied with a school t-shirt that can be worn on Casual Fridays and for field trips. Solid colored sweaters may be worn with the school polo. Long-sleeved shirts may be worn under the school polo. No stripes or patterned shirts, dresses, or sweaters. Make-up (such as nail polish) must be natural. For safety reasons, No open toes shoes or jewelry is allowed.


Coats, hats, and mittens are a must during the winter months. Snow pants and snow boots are a must when snow is on the ground. If your child is in need of clothing and/or necessities, please let us know as we have some gently used options available.


Please provide a complete change of clothing (shirt, pants, socks and undergarments) for your child in a Zip-Loc storage bag labeled with their first and last name. This change of clothing will be stored in their cubby in case of bathroom accidents or other accidents. Please print your child's name on all clothing articles that may be left on the playground or classroom (jacket, backpacks, etc.). Your child may also bring a small-rest blanket. The blanket must fit into their backpack and be stored there and will only be used for rest-time.


Parent involvement and family engagement are a huge focus for the MVCS school family. There will be opportunities for parents to help with special programs, community service projects, field trips, school projects, and other events. Additionally, we welcome parents on campus for lunch time with your child or to enjoy recess times together. Just reach out to your child's teacher to plan for those times.


MVCS encourages volunteers. For the safety of our students, volunteers are asked to fill out the required background check form before volunteering on our campus, see the link below.

NCS Risk Services, LLC



  • Upon arrival in the morning, please walk your child to the classroom

  • The school doors are unlocked from 7:45am to 8:15am M-F

  • School begins at 8:00am


  • Please plan to pick up your child at 3:15 M-F and 12:00 on Friday

  • Students and teacher will meet parents at the main school doors at pick-up time

  • The school will only release a child to a family member or friend whose name is on their emergency pickup list


  • Please plan to be on time 3:15 M-TH and 12:00 on Friday to pick up your child

  • If you encounter an unexpected circumstance, please call or text Mrs. Armstead


  • Once the school day starts and until it ends, the only accessible entrance is the front door entrance. For student safety, all doors are locked during school hours and the doorbell must be used to gain entry.

  • Students are released only to a parent or guardian or to those who are listed on the emergency pick-up list. Please keep your child's emergency pick-up list current.

  • All visitors are required to sign-in prior to being admitted into the school.

  • To ensure the safety of our students visitors will be asked to show ID

  • Visitors need to wear a visitor sticker

  • Visitors will not have unsupervised access to children that are not under their guardianship 

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